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  Software Development
Financial & StrategicAdvisory

(A) New Software Developed/Upgraded
1. TDS with latest updates
2.HR Investigation/ Verification(Net Based)
APPLICABILITY : TO ALL AT MCS (Support / Outsourcing staff at customer sites may need to work as per project demands as advised by their supervisors) SATURDAYS AT MCS are off (This shall not apply to staff at customer sites who shall work according to customer schedules)

Get the irresistible equation of high-quality services, at economical value, particularly when outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business. At MCS, cost is a value driver. MCS offers expert services of outsourcing which incorporate the complete range of accounting, finance, business process outsourcing and tax preparation. Our "service delivery model" or outsourcing methodology provides clients with an opportunity to improve business processes while delivering them at substantially lower costs. Our Unique Service proposition is : design , development, implementation of customized Software AND related processing capabilities on a routine basis.

 Advantages of outsourcing to Indian Companies:
1.Helps companies focus on their core capabilities & businesses.
2.Increases management's valuable time and thus an improvement in productivity.
3.Substantial cost saving.
4.Accurate, fast, efficient and timely results.
5.Benefits of outsourcer's standardized processes and advanced technology
6.Helps companies streamline and improve business processes.
7.Inside resources are freed for other purposes.
Client benefits in back office Finance and Accounting Work/ Tax Preparation Work
 1. Timely, accurate & faster processing with improved turnaround time.
2. Tremendous cost savings & lower overheads.
3. Purge the need for additional staff during peak/long season.
4. Information & documents are captured & stored in digital format.
5. Improved workflow & processes through latest technology.
6. Complete solutions for all finance & accounting services at one place.
7. Optimized financial reporting & data availability.
1. Back Office Finance & Accounting
We provide outsourcing solutions in Finance & Accounting. Industry standard financial & accounting software is used in providing the above services.
Services provided are:
i. Payroll Outsourcing
ii. Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
iii. Financial Accounting
2.Back Office Tax Processing
Back office Tax Processing includes tax forms 16A and our tax preparation services would be especially useful for Tax Processing Firms and Charted Accountants.

E-filing of TDS returns.

Services provided are:
i. Tax Preparation Services;
ii. Includes Tax Forms 16A
3.IT Related Services
i.Data Entry & Processing Services;
ii.Data Conversion Services.
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