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(A) New Software Developed/Upgraded
1. TDS with latest updates
2.HR Investigation/ Verification(Net Based)
APPLICABILITY : TO ALL AT MCS (Support / Outsourcing staff at customer sites may need to work as per project demands as advised by their supervisors) SATURDAYS AT MCS are off (This shall not apply to staff at customer sites who shall work according to customer schedules)

VTDS-2010 Tax Calculation is an important activity in any Organization. MCS TDS Software has been specially designed & developed for automated tax calculation. With MCS TDS Software it is possible to maximize the potential of Accounts through timely and accurate tax processing, efficient handling of tax deductions, MCS TDS is integrated with MCS Payroll Management & FAMS (Finance & Accounts Management System). Automating Tax Calculation in India with MCS TDS Software will reduce the work load of Accounts and HR Department, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing tax related information. Because of its integration with MCS Payroll Management it offers a single view of all data to both HR and Finance departments.


MCS TDS Software History
MCS V-TDS (Copyright MCS) Software is a system that has a development investment of 9 years by MCS Computer Services Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, India. The first version was launched in 1997 to automate Indian TDS.This was developed by MCS for Mashbara Industries Private limited , who held the copyright for the FoxPro version. MCS TDS was developed with valuable inputs from leading experts in Indian Tax Consultancy from top MNC’s and Indian Corporate’s. Over the years MCS TDS has been implemented at some of the most demanding customers in India and with their inputs MCS TDS now has features that are rarely seen in other systems.
Special Features
Completely Menu Driven TDS Software MCS TDS Software has been designed so that it can take care of variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations.
Powerful and Flexible Organizational Structure Module MCS TDS has a powerful Organizational Structure module that lets you create multiple office types and offices. MCS TDS lets you define the Organizational Structure as applicable in your organization. 
Multi Company TDS Software MCS TDS is Multi Company TDS software. You can create multiple Offices / Companies without having any limit.
Windows based Easy- to- use TDS Software MCS TDS Software is built using Microsoft Technologies. Hence it is windows based easy to use and operate.
Different versions to suit different client requirements MCS TDS is available in Single User version or Multi User. Version. Single user version uses Access and Multi user version uses Ms Access or SQL Server or Oracle as the database.
Powerful Reporting capabilities MCS TDS offers unparalleled TDS Reporting capabilities. User has the control on selecting reporting criteria. MCS TDS has more than 30 reports and satisfies the needs of powerful reports in TDS.
Powerful Reporting Tool MCS TDS Software uses Crystal Reports that is the most powerful reporting tool in the industry today.
Facility to export all Reports MCS TDS Software lets you export all Reports into Excel, Word and many other formats.
Powerful Security Module MCS TDS has an advanced Security Module that lets you create Roles and then assign these to as many users as possible. MCS TDS lets you create form and report level security. MCS TDS lets you restrict access to each Form and in that too you can specify for each user these activities - Whether he / she can view the form, modify data or delete data.
Back up and Restore Module MCS TDS has a robust Backup Module that lets you create your own backups and specify where you wish to take backup and restore the backup data as and when required.
Report Designer MCS TDS has an advanced Report Designer that lets you create reports the way you want. MCS TDS lets you decide which fields you want to select and then take out a report as per your specific needs and parameters
Centralized Documents Management Take the pain out of managing multiple documents in multiple locations / systems. Now you can attach any Windows document to MCS TDS. MCS TDS software gives you facility to attach any document be it Word, Excel, Notepad or any other document and then open it from MCS TDS itself.
MCS TDS Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs MCS can customize the TDS Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.
Implementation Support
Master Entry / Business Policies Entry Support MCS shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in MCS TDS.
Employee Masters/Party Masters Entry Support MCS shall guide you in building up the Employee Masters as well as Party Masters Keeping your time deadlines in mind MCS shall guide you with the fastest way of building up Employee Masters and Party Masters.
Salary Transaction Enter the personal detail of employees.
Salary is divided into three parts: Salaries, Allowances, and Perks.

Salaries: Basic Salary, DA, Leave encashment, Gratuity are available in Salaries part. HRA, CCA, Transport allowance, education allowance are available in Allowances. Rent free accommodation, perquisite of Motor car, free supply of gas /electricity/water is available in Perks.

Income from house property –TDS deducted in Income from House Property.

Capital Gains-long term gain and short term gain-TDS deducted in capital gains.

Income from other sources-enter the detail like-dividends or interest from NSC, Family pension etc.

Less: Deductions from 80C-80U-option pension fund, donations, med claim, rent paid etc.

Less: Total Rebate U / S 80CCE: you can enter the detail of all savings like provident fund, pension fund etc.

Sec 88E (Security Transaction Tax)-enter the security tax.Already Deducted by us: - user has to enter the TDS deducted from the employee.

In Already deducted by others option, user has to enter the TDS deducted by others

Per month Deducted-software will automatically calculate the per month deduction.
Other than Salary Select the relevant section from the displayed the necessary information will be filled up according to that Income Tax, surcharge and education CESS will be calculated automatically.
Deposit Select the section name and you can deposit the tax to the government.
Adjustment Enter the Section name or All section and enter the month and year for adjustment. When you press enter key here all deposits will be displayed. Select a particular deposit against which you want to adjust payments. All the payments will be shown to you so that you can adjust payments accordingly.
Unadjustment If any problem in adjustment, you can unadjusted amount. You have two options (1) Manual (2) Automatic. To unadjusted all the deposits that you have made for all section or selected section
Reports for the Income Tax Department You can generate all reports like Form16, Form16A, Form12 BA Annual Return (Quarterly, Annually) Form24, From26, Form26Q, Form24Q etc.
Data Porting Support In case you have data in Excel and wish it to be ported MCS can support you here also. MCS shall provide you with pre defined Excel formats and then import the same.
e-TDS You can create file for e-TDS using this system.
Training Support
MCS provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. MCS’s proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in MCS TDS. At the start of the implementation MCS charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software.
after MCS completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. MCS shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful TDS Processing from MCS TDS. MCS encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on an annual basis along with new versions and updates.
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