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School Automation

School Automation Software is fully design by MCS COMPUTER SERVICES . It is fully School oriented software helps for better management, safety & child information. SMS Support - manages the daily school tasks such as student's admissionsfee structure creation, fee submission in school, time-table of classes,library management examination management and other reports like Fee DefaultersList (students who have not submitted fees for a particular

month),daily cash book, monthly cash book, Library reports, result analysis with report card printing. Apart from these features School Plus (School Automation Software India) offers Fee Reminders and Exam Results by SMS (Mobile Short Messaging Service). School Plus can send SMS to selected students or a particular class and even to all parents this feature can help the school management to broadcast any message to the parents which ensures immediate and cost-effective communication between school and parents of students. There are other features which will definitely motivate you to implement this Excellent & Ultimate School Automation Software in your school for better school management and efficient working system.

With the help of School Support (A complete School Management Software), school management authorities can fully utilized the IT resources of their school in a great way.

  SMS Support

Education is a business today & we all register the fact. Parents loose sleep for endless nights while the admission season arrives, be it the admission of their wards in the pre-prep (nursery) classes or the admission for a professional course or just a simple graduation course.

Parents worry endlessly about the well being of their wards & are keen to know what's happening at the school & how their ward is faring.

The way education is imparted today has changed dramatically. Parents today look for that small extra edge that one institution has over the other.

SMS Support is the most advanced text message information disbursal & marketing system available. With SMS Support and the power of today's mobile phones, you can revolutionize the way in which you communicate with students and their families.

SMS Support allows you to offer an unrivalled level of service to your students and parents alike, even if they don't all have a mobile phone!

A small step initiated by the school authorities can lead to a great relief & confidence building for the parents.

  Attendance Keeping the parent informed
    For the schools, attempting to locate and notify parents or guardians that their child is absent, is often just as difficult as locating missing students.
With School SMS, parents and guardians are automatically alerted via SMS messages to their mobile phones, making it an easy, time saving and fault-free way to record real-time student attendance.
It also allows the parents to send a text message to the school when a student cannot attend the class
  Admissions Keep the crowds away
    Intimate the parents the time & date of the interviews or the results of the interviews. This way the crowds of aspiring candidates can be reduced and the school & collage administration is rid of answering hundreds of queries..
  Results Helping the child cope up
    Just like the days of admissions, the day the results are declared there is a rush that each student and their parents feel, early in the day. Reduce that charge in adrenaline and SMS the result to the parents. It will go a long way as far as the parents are concerned to monitor & handle any negative stress that the child may go through.
  Unscheduled Holiday Make the morning lighter
    Inform the parents about any unscheduled holiday that has to be declared due to unforeseen circumstances. It will lighten the morning for the parent as well as the student. It will also reduce the number of working parents calling the school to check if the school is open & will help them plan their day better.
  School circulars / Special announcements
    Gone are those days when long circulars need to be printed and photocopied in large numbers for distribution. A simple & crisp SMS can deliver the same information and be highly cost effective.
  Involve the parents
    Tell the parent community about new things that the school is doing; invite the parents for school activities.
School SMS offers educators a communication tool so powerful that it reduces costs and allows parents to take action and responsibility for their child's absence, performance, and activities at the touch of a button.
  Filtering system to stop inappropriate use of system.
  No new IT infrastructure needed, just access to the Internet.
  Mobile phone and network independent - anyone can use it.
  Backed by one of the largest global text messaging providers - ensuring quality of service.
  Simple pricing for simple budgeting.
  Integrates with existing 'administration' system for simple and low cost set-up.
  Free support number available 24 x 7.
  Competitive SMS pricing.
  Advanced management reporting.



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